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What is the most EVIL code you have ever seen in a production enterprise environment?

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Should there be an upper rep gain limit for answers?
…ger is even or odd? 122 "Hello World" in less than 20 bytes 120 What are the barriers to understanding pointers and what can be done to overcome them? 117 What is the most EVIL code you have ever seen in a production enterprise environment? 117 Why does everyone like jQuery more than prototype/ or mootools or whatever? 116 Why does C++ compilation take so long? 116 How do I mov…
SQL Business Logic Wanted
A sorry excuse for a database search (near the bottom of that post)
SQL queries not in one place but assembled dynamically while passing through several system layers. Is this a good practice?
"Dynamic SQL is prone to SQL injection, stored procedures are not" - simply not true. Dynamic SQL is trivial to parameterize, and in fact parameterized dynamic SQL is easier to write than dynamic SQL which uses excessive string concats. Even still, if you work with a programmer who is so negligent that he writes unsafe dynamic SQL, then chances are he'll write stored procedures just as badly (see this as a case study).
How can we teach managers how Software Development works?
… company in tears because our teller software was crashing 40-50 times a day which prevented tellers from doing their job. Banks were threatening to switch vendors, and the offshore contractors were unable to fix bugs fast enough. Since India couldn't do their job, we decided to do it for them: we requested access to the source code, and we laid eyes on the 130 KLOC of spaghetti code, it became immediately obvious why the application was so buggy.