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What sites are currently missing from the Trilogy?

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Add votes on my CW posts to my summary screen
I'd like to follow up on votes on my CW posts as I do on normal ones, for cases like the voting on the new sites brainstorming, or just generic CW posts.
Provide some kind of on-the-fly translation - E.g. French to English
Joel is on board for having other SO sites for non-English launguages. Appears to be something they're researching with their VC partners.
What should we do when code-golf goes bad?
I wrote a proposal for a dedicated golfing site, which in theory, if all the high-ranking users are real golfers, should eliminate that sort of problem.
Use of RTL Languages Causes UI-Disfiguration
…this is meta, it's aimed at an English speaking LTR audience and AFAIK there hasn't been a pro-active attempt to be otherwise. Also see Joel's comment on this answer: which reads to me as, "we're English speaking for now, fit in". If there was a specific localisation issue you had then fine, ask away on SO, but the content and the…
SuperUser and ServerFault are Doomed
if you really do have resource constraints, how can you even entertain the thought adding more sites to the trilogy? Unless you already spending some of that VC?
Questions about WordPress on Super User
Update: As per Ivo's comment (linking to Jeff's post) I'd propose explicitly mentioning in the faq that web-applications are out of the scope of Super User.
The solution to your problem lies here: Not in cluttering Super User
Is there a Pair-Wise PostHoc Comparisons for the Chi-Square Test in R?
Update: what luck, there is a discussion about this going on now. Dirk - Please have a look:
Is it possible to download youtube videos after the latest layout change ?
Super User doesn't take questions about web sites and web services. Check out the FAQ -, but there may be a site in the (near) future that does -